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Remembering HENRY STONE, 1921-2014

Miami music legend Henry Stone

  He taught us the value of perseverance… the importance of distribution… and the results that come from greasing the right palms at the right time. In his 93 years, Henry Stone rewrote the rule book on how to get a hit record.   Sometimes he threw out the rule book entirely.   He showed the world …

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Churchill’s Hideaway: Miami Musical Legend

We learned to expect the unexpected on Thursday nights at Churchill's.

  It’s unusual to see a requiem for a place that still exists.   You can still go to Churchill’s in Little Haiti, order a brew, and watch a band with no commercial potential do its thing.   You can still struggle to find a parking space and have a close encounter with one of the less-than-lucid …

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Deep City: The Birth of the Miami Sound – A Biased Review

  “Willie Clarke, this is your life!” So read one of the live tweets that was shown on the big screen, prior to the Miami premiere of Deep City:  The Birth of the Miami Sound.   In many ways, it was accurate. Clarke, as you may know, co-founded the first black-owned record company in the state …

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The Echoes of Carnaby Street: No Place Or Time

Little has been written through the years about the Echoes Of Carnaby Street, and most of what has been written has been… well… false.    Most ’60s garage band fans first heard the band’s name — and record — through a Louisiana garage band compilation, which is strange, considering the group came from Miami Beach!   You …

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The 13th Hour Glass… vs. the 13th Hour Glass

The Pensacola band's debut 45

  Up until now, there has never been an accurate discography for the Florida Panhandle group 13th Hour Glass.  There’s a good reason for that:  there were actually two separate groups using that name, and both released 45s around the same time.   It was no coincidence that both lived in the Florida Panhandle, and it’s …

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JEMKL Records: Modern Soul and More From Miami

JEMKL 45 by Dewey Knight, whose name was misspelled on the label. Misspellings were common at JEMKL.

    JEMKL? What in the world is a JEMKL? This cryptic Florida record label has baffled collectors for several decades now. In addition to its “initially” baffling name, its musical selections — here, there, and everywhere in between — have proven just as baffling. But where there are questions, often there are also answers. …

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“Whenever You’re Ready” by the Novas — Florida’s Moodiest ’60s Garage 45

"Whenever You're Ready" by the Novas, on Chelle Records

  If you asked me to name my all-time favorite South Florida garage band records, I’d probably rattle off some familiar names – Evil, the Montells, et al.    These bands earned their place in the Miami band hierarchy, and the collectability of their music bears this out.   But that answer is just too easy and …

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Celebrating Miami Garage Bands of the ’60s

TeenMiami '60s Music Exhibit at HistoryMiami

  If you enjoy the music of South Florida’s ‘60s garage bands, you must make your way down to the HistoryMiami museum. They’ve turned the place over to a group of teenagers, who along with the curators have put together an exhibit of teen culture and contributions to life in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Many …

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Jaco Pastorius’ Funkadelic Sound: A 1971 Session

Little Beaver, around the time of "Funkadelic Sound"

Jaco Pastorius was a big Little Beaver fan. Watching the young guitarist/singer perform around South Florida had a deep, profound influence on the future superstar bass player. We know Jaco enjoyed playing Betty Wright’s “Clean Up Woman” (which featured Little Beaver’s guitar licks) with both Tommy Strand & The Upper Hand and Wayne Cochran’s CC …

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While We Still Can Reunion #3

The late Johnny Hartigan of the Mor-Loks, having a great time in 2006

“Gettin’ together is better than ever.” – Richie Cordell 150 or so players from South Florida bands of the ‘60s and ‘70s plan to get together in Boca Raton, on September 10, 2012. The event is the third While We Still Can Reunion… and there’s a good reason why its organizer gave it that name. …

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