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The 13th Hour Glass… vs. the 13th Hour Glass

The Pensacola band's debut 45

  Up until now, there has never been an accurate discography for the Florida Panhandle group 13th Hour Glass.  There’s a good reason for that:  there were actually two separate groups using that name, and both released 45s around the same time.   It was no coincidence that both lived in the Florida Panhandle, and it’s …

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Savage Lost

The definitive Florida garage band and soul music story. Discographies, narratives, photos, and fun! Title: Savage Lost: Florida Garage Bands, The ’60s & Beyond
Author: Jeffrey M. Lemlich
ISBN: 0-942963-12-1
Pages:  416    

  • From Evil to the Echoes.
  • From the Clefs of Lavender Hill to the Heroes of Cranberry Farm.
  • From …

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