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WLOF & Bill Vermillion: Florida Top 40 Legends

Bill Vermillion received this super-cool clock as a thank you from Tower Records, for being the first to believe in "Dirty Water".

Most people are content to follow.   It’s lonely out there leading the way, especially when you hear something, or just know something that others simply don’t understand.  It was that way for Bill Vermillion, the visionary music director of WLOF in Orlando, a guy who wasn’t content with playing or programming just the proven hits …

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600 WLOF Chart Hits That Missed the Hot 100

  Anyone who sees Bill Vermillion as just another music director, or WLOF as just another Top 40 station, probably sees the Beatles as just another pop group, or Muhammad Ali as just another boxer.  WLOF played the hits, but constantly kept things moving so that local records and anything else that sounded great could …

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WLOF #1 Hits That Missed The Billboard Hot 100

  Here are more than a dozen records that not only were played on WLOF, and not only were hits on the station, but made it all the way to NUMBER ONE… despite completely missing the Billboard Magazine Hot 100.   I’ve listed them in chronological order.   An asterisk denotes a Florida-based artist (though not necessarily …

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