Euphoria, and the Hyperbolic & Hit Labels

The mysterious Euphoria on Hit Records

Euphoria’s 1971 single on the Hit International label was mentioned on page 395 of Savage Lost, as one of the better local releases of the ‘70s. Time and space didn’t permit more details about the label, or its role in our local music scene, starting in 1969.

This particular Hit label (as it was ironically named) was not related to the Nashville-based soundalike factory that specialized in quickly-recorded knockoff versions of current hit songs. This one was based in Fort Lauderdale, and was a part of Hyperbolic Records, a pay-to-record operation spearheaded by John Archer (a former member of the ‘60s band The Busy Signals), along with Mike Rodgers.

John Archer wrote both sides of the Busy Signals' debut single.
(John Archer wrote both sides of the Busy Signals’ debut single)

Hyperbolic advertised in publications such as Newsical, hoping to lure in artists… and composers… who wanted to see their work immortalized on vinyl. As such, it served as an outlet for local rock bands, soul music acts, and song-poem writers. If you pay, you can play!

One of Hyperbolic's ads in Newsical Magazine

Hyperbolic also featured recordings by Speed Limit, Hill, and other area rock bands… some recording with the help of the late WSRF/WSHE legend Tommy Judge. But it was Bolder Damn, a hard rock band from Fort Lauderdale, that has attracted the most attention, thanks to their highly-collectable album on Hit. I’m sure the guys in the band had no idea they’d created a future collectible, when they paid for the right to release their original tunes. Oh, to have been at the pressing plant that day, to haul off a stash of those elusive LPs!

Bolder Damn's album is now a collector's item.

I’d love to tell you all about Euphoria, but their story remains a mystery. Six people share writer’s credits – A. Shipman, M. Leach, M. Moore, J. Dipaolo, F. Corr, and B. Cain. Presumably they were members of the group, but at the moment I can’t say for sure. This band doesn’t appear to be related to the other Euphoria groups out there, including the one on Mainstream Records. If anyone has any more information about these guys, please feel free to share with us.

Hyperbolic Records business card, courtesy Rick Kornowski
(Hyperbolic Records business card, courtesy Rick Kornowski)


    • bob on February 1, 2023 at 5:00 pm
    • Reply

    Since I found it in a box of my stuff I’ve been seeking information about this Euphoria record. I got a copy maybe 10 years ago when we were on vacation in the Orlando area (from IL) and forgot I had it.

    My take is no Grand Funk Railroad, no Euphoria. Also someone coughs during the intro of the A-side, unintentional as far as I can tell.

    My question: Is it rare/valuable?

    1. It’s definitely scarce, but there isn’t enough demand for it to make it rare. That could change if it happens to appear on a compilation and more people get to hear it.

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