Savage Lost

Savage Lost

Savage Lost

The definitive Florida garage band and soul music story. Discographies, narratives, photos, and fun!

Title: Savage Lost: Florida Garage Bands, The ’60s & Beyond
Author: Jeffrey M. Lemlich
ISBN: 0-942963-12-1
Pages:  416



  • From Evil to the Echoes.
  • From the Clefs of Lavender Hill to the Heroes of Cranberry Farm.
  • From Benny Joy to Benny Latimore.
  • From the Chanteers to the Cichlids.
  • From Wayne Cochran, to We The People, to White Witch.
  • From The Place, to The World, to Thee Image… to the armories.
  • From ‘60s radio wars and deejays, to dead wax runoff markings.


“Jeff Lemlich’s vitality and enthusiasm for rock ‘n roll are equaled by his demand for accuracy. His writing delivers more than the reader expects. Jeff was able to tell me more about my life than I remembered – a remarkable mind. A true rock detective.”
–Jeffrey Allen, drummer for the Montells and Evil

“Jeff Lemlich’s wonderful work is not only well written and documented, but good, memory-provoking entertainment.”

–Travis “Fairchild” Ximenes, leader of the Clefs of Lavender Hill

“All in all, it was a thrill to thumb through the pages and see my life flash back.”
–Henry Stone, “Godfather” of Florida rock and soul, and former President of TK Productions

Fewer than 200 copies remain from the first and only pressing. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Copies are $24 each (post-paid) in the USA, $35 each (post-paid) elsewhere.

Checks, money orders, and Paypal are accepted. Books can be autographed upon request.

Give someone you love the best years of their life.   Give them Savage Lost.


    • Steve on July 22, 2022 at 1:08 pm
    • Reply

    Any copies of the book available?

    1. Hi Steve,
      I do have a few copies left, though not very many. I can only send to U.S. customers at this time. Here’s the order page:

      Thanks, Jeff

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